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About the Author

Glen Cantrell is a 1976 graduate of La Mirada High School. He is a published author of two novels, The Resume and Untypical. Cantrell has tirelessly dug into the La Mirada archives and checked facts to bring clarity and background to the stories as well as digging up old photos with the permission of all of his sources.

Tony Aiello graduated from John Glenn High School in 1981.  He was with the La Mirada Historical Heritage Commission in 1998.  Currently he is co-editor of the new La Mirada Lamplighter Newspaper.  In 2000 he was talking local news on his internet radio show and interviewing key people who owned well known longstanding businesses and those who were movers and shakers of City Hall. The La Mirada Blog Web site, which he founded in 2003, is still running with now matching Facebook and Twitter channels.

Raymond Fernandez graduated from La Mirada High School in 1993.  He is a Regional Sales Manager for Titan Insurance, a Nationwide Insurance Company.  Along with his sales and marketing skills, he has brought his fond memories of living in La Mirada to this project. At the Blog fest held yearly on Regional Park’s grounds, Fernandez had relevant questions for each of the La Mirada Legends that were present that day.