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About the Book

Reflections from McNally’s Mirror

From a cast of three principal writers, the book Reflections from McNally’s Mirror has grown into a community concern, a moving tribute to La Mirada’s history and people by its own.  Glen Cantrell remembers that the city had a charm and an aura of “unfailing safeness.”   With Fernandez and Aiello, Cantrell cast the stories of La Mirada, a classic in planned urban architecture, with an inner passion, obvious in the care, craft and happiness of their character.  Thus, La Mirada rises out of its mundane geography to a place where ambrosia is quaffed, where gods cavort and do business in an unending season of grace and sanity.

In her foreword, Alice Palicz says that, “You, dear readers, hold in your hands the fulfillment of the dreams of Tony Aiello, Glen Cantrell and Raymond Fernandez.”  In conclusion, it is mostly what readers ought to know before reading this book and what they will believe upon finishing it.  Welcome to La Mirada, Main Street USA, one and all.